iBook Rights

iBook Project Year 1

The project

The year one students were working on a UOI that talked about rights and responsibilities. Along with the teachers we decided to have the students create an iBook using iBook Author. I knew the students would not have been ready to use the iBooks Author software, so I had them do their work in Pages. Each group of 2 or three students worked together in Pages, taking turns writing.

The process

  •    Write sentences that explain one right and one responsibility for different areas in the school and at home. [In class]
  •    Learn how to use Pages (Titles, font family, font size, font color, etc.) [in ICT lab]
  •    Make drawings that illustrate their sentences. [in class]
  •    Write/Copy sentences into pages [in ICT lab]
  •    Scan drawings onto server [Teachers]
  •    Insert image into pages (not all were able to do this step) [in ICT Lab]
  •    Combine all Pages documents and create iBook with iBook author [Teacher]

iBook Rights

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