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Online Stories Websites

There are quite a few websites that are great for online stories. These can be used at a  circle reading time if you have an interactive board.

This is my favorite website with screen actors reading children’s book aloud online. There is a nice selection of stories for all ages and some really good titles. (22 stories in total + PDF activities to go with each story and some information about the famous reader)

This is another good website with a variety of stories ranging from fables to folktales. Each story plays a video as a famous person reads the story aloud (the reader is announced at the beginning of the story). You can record your own stories and get the class to participate in making a read aloud too! (Book Week Idea!)

This is a handy website since it is also linked to iTunes and you can have the stories automatically download to your iPods or mp3 players. These are only audio stories, but there are 31 stories in total and more are added every once in awhile. The reader “Natasha” has a very clear voice and reads at a good listening speed.  The stories range from famous poems, classic authors, junior stories to educational stories.

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  1. Quite a beautiful website. I recently built mine and i was looking for some ideas and your website gave me some. Did you develop the website alone?


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