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Google SketchUp Y5 Ancient Art & Architecture

The project

The year 5 students were working on a UOI that focused on history. One of the focuses was on the change of Architecture over time. In order to show this we looked at different forms of architecture in the past and the materials and techniques used to create them. Every few weeks I would introduce a new for of architecture. We looked at the ancient Egyptians, the Romans, the Maya among others. They were asked to try to recreate some of these structures using Google SketchUp

The process

  • Present students with a slideshow of different architecture from different times around the world (Pyramids, Arch of Constatine, Temple of Chizen Iza, La Sagrada Familia, Frank Llyod Wright building, The Guginhem Museum in Bilbao, etc.)
  • Ask students to think about what materials and techniques were used to create these structures
  • Introduce Google SketchUp and basic techniques by having the students create the Arch of (You Name) based on Constatine’s
  • Introduce more advanced techniques while having the students try to recreate Citzen Itza and a Pyramid
  • Give the students an opportunity to create personalized building of their choice

Examples of student work


Observational notes, Rubric


This was a very successful project mostly because many of the students went home and installed the program and began experimenting at home. This is one of the best types of success one could have, creating interest to learn more on their own.

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