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Prezi food webs in lower primary


Our Year 3 teachers were working on a unit that dealt with how things are connected. They wanted to make food webs that would help show their understanding of how all things are interconnected. They were trying to figure out the best way to have students create these webs dynamically. I introduced our year 3 teachers and students to I have used the program before with Year 4, 5 and even the Middle School. This was the first time that I had used the program with a lower primary school. Most of this project was done during regular class time and the ICT lab time was used to introduce to the students and


  • Students needed to select an animal to research
  • Students were introduced to and they were asked to create a practice presentation inserting images, frames and creating a simple path.
  • Students researched their animals looking for their animal’s predators and prey and other parts of their animals food web
  • Students then inserted their information in their Prezi.

Example of student work


The teachers and I created a rubric that we used to grade the student’s work. I looked mostly at the technique and use of prezi, while the teachers looked at the content and understanding.


This project was a great success both for the students and teachers involved. What was nice to see was that later on in the year the students had to work on another project where they could use any media to show what they learned. The majority of students decided to work in prezi.


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